Message from the President

Greeting Club Members

Well, the first month of my new official duty as president of this great group has gone by and so far, so good.

Thanks to your cooperation the transition went over very well, I only got one butt chewin’ and one boo-boo, maybe two boo-boo’s.

The butt chewin’ was brought to my attention by Mr. Tate when he called to give me a heads up on the mess we left at the general meeting hall at the last general meeting. After his call, I immediately contacted the Little League Headquarters and apologize and explained what happened. He was kind and accepted my apology and I told him I would take full responsibility for the facility in the future. This is a great meeting facility and we can't afford to lose it for not playing by the rules. I will personally meet with the person in charge to get their instructions on what needs to be done to satisfy his requirements. However, in order to enjoy this meeting place and use the facilities, we must adhere to the rules and leave the place in a clean appearance for the other people that use it.
Nuff said!

Being a little nervous at my first general meeting I forgot to mention that our membership dues are due so please be prepared to ‘square up’ with our Treasurer as soon as possible so we can eliminate this item from our ‘to do list’. It's $20 per year per family. The planning calendar was partially completed for Jan - Mar. Once again thanks to all of you that continued your committee duties.

Tom Valdez


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