Message from the President

Hello Club Members

What are you thinking when you are driving around in your Model A? It can not be speed, not be the shifting, and not lack of air conditioner (except the Whipples). Than what are you thinking of? I think of the fact that I am driving History. History that impacted the World. I enjoy and welcome Kids and Adults to look at and sit in the A. Open the hood and show them the simple engine. Answer their questions. Show them History.
We had a good turn out at the Highland and Redlands Parades. It seams like we had much more spectators this year. Hustons car overheated and had to move out of the Highland parade. I really had my doubts that we could get from the Highland Parade to the Redlands Parade in time but we did. We had about 45 min to fix up our cars after we arrived. My A stalled on the back side of the park and in the process of starting the car the bottom radiator hose decided to detach itself from the block. With Edna at the wheel we were able to push the A into the parking lot. Dave Cornelius went home and brought a new hose, and some extra water. Thanks Dave.
One of the most exciting events in our club is on the 27th, Brunch and a Show. Please join us.

Ron Blackwell

There's never a dull moment! Keep an eye on upcoming events.

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Paradise Valley Model A Ford Club
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