Message from the President

Greeting Club Members

At the November Board Meeting nominations were still open for Club President. Ron Blackwell stated his three years as President was over, although he enjoyed the post, he said it was about time to turn it over to another member. No one readily accepted so I volunteered to fill in. A little hesitant at first, the other Board Members said they would assist me in my new duties. My thanks to Ron, Edna, and the rest of the Board Members that have confidence in me to handle this important job.

I am certain that with everyone’s aid and assistance, and club members’ patience, we can all contribute to continue the success’ of this club.

Since I was accepted as a member in Jan of 2013 I can truly say “Thank You” to all of my new friends and fellow Model A enthusiasts. I have truly experienced a wonderful year and a half of camaraderie, special events, tours, and outings. I can express my sincere thanks to all of you that participated with your immaculate restored and refurbished Model A’s. My hat is off to each and every one of you that help make these special events planned and executed. A special thank you to Mike, our club computer “Guru” for all of his technical support to the club, but most of all for transporting me to all the club events. Plus “wake up calls” when we had to be somewhere. Mike always made sure I was ready. Gracias Amigo!

With the help of the Board Members and Staff, I sincerely endeavor to continue the success of our club and club members to have fun and enjoy all of our activities in the future.

Thank You

Tom Valdez


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